Songmaking Service


‘The tempo, the beat, the loops, the repetitions of a song offer a shelter from the flow of linear time — a shelter in which future, present, and past can console, provoke, ironize, and inspire one another’. – John Berger

Bird Radio Songmaking Service

I have been writing songs since I was a child. They are magical things that transport us in all kinds of ways to all kinds of places. In 2010, when I started Bird Radio, I began travelling with my flute and voice, learning from audiences all across the world. I have released two albums on SFE/Cherry Red Records as Bird Radio, with my third album now finished, and the fourth nearly finished. Over the years I have learnt to play many instruments – piano, guitar, flutes, percussion, and of course singing – as well as working professionally in music recording and production. In recent years, many friends and fans have commissioned me to write songs for them, or as a gift for someone else, or for film and theatre projects, and so I have now launched my online Songmaking Service.

I will write and compose a song for you, recorded with either a simple guitar and voice arrangement, or with multiple instruments / layers, and I will mix / master it professionally. It can also be instrumental, without voice or lyrics. You will receive a 16 Bit Wave File, a high quality MP3 and a CD copy in the post. You will also receive a copy of the original handwritten lyrics and notation, always done by hand.

I am also willing to set your own lyrics, collaborate on lyrics, or set a poem of your choice.

A video of a live performance, or an actual live performance can be arranged.

The options:

Song composed and recorded with guitar or piano and vocal

Song composed and recorded with multiple multi-tracked instruments and vocal

Multi-tracked instrumental


Film of a live performance, personalised

Recording / film with a full band

Live performance for you and your friends in your home / other venue

I also write for film, theatre and, well, anything where a song will go. I also have experience writing songs for young ears, too, having worked as a storyteller and songwriter for children’s theatre.

I can write in English and Italian, and sing in those languages, plus French and Spanish.

How does it work?

First, we will have a conversation – via E-mail, phone or Skype, I will some questions, to make sure we are on the same page, making sure that the song I write is just right, and to agree on a completion date. I ask for 50% payment in advance, and 50% on completion.

If you are interested, write to me at to discuss details and receive a quote.


I have written many songs – but here are a few. See my Bird Radio and Nighthaunts websites for many more…

Album composed (in collaboration with John Bently) for people we met on tour across the UK in 2016 (I wrote and sang music / lyrics for tracks 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7, and recorded / mixed all tracks).

Settings of poetry by Walter de la Mare (from my album ‘Oh, Happy England’) performed live on Resonance FM.

Song composed for Nawroz Oramari

Song composed for Malcolm Green (Konrad Bayer poem setting)

Song composed for Chiara Ambrosio

Song composed for Vittoria Scarnatti

Theme song for La Frequenza Fantasma – Feature Length Film Documentary dir. Chiara Ambrosio. Performed live at The Whitechapel Gallery, London for the world premiere.

Song composed for Marie-Paule

‘It’s Not My Time’ based on the lyrics and music of Howard Merrick, who commissioned my performance and arrangement of the song.