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Introductory Healing Flute lessons are now available with Mikey Kirkpatrick (aka Bird Radio), with free classes available thanks to generous donors. You can book your classes here, donate to the Healing Flute Foundation here (to support someone else to learn) or read on below find out more information.

There are many references to the healing power of music in ancient literature, including the bible, Greek and Egyptian writings. Greek physicians used flute music to heal their patients. Aristotle wrote in De Anima (323-373 BCE) that flute music can ‘purify the soul and arouse strong emotions’. The more I research, the more I find that there is a relationship between music and healing, both for musicians and listeners across a wide range of cultures (which I will be sharing in my online courses for Morbid Anatomy starting this Autumn).

Having played and studied the flute for over 30 years, exploring classical, jazz, folk music from around the world, composition, performance and improvisation (also using live looping and FX technology), I have grown to understand that flute playing heightens our ability to listen to our bodies, our environments, and the people around us. The instrument itself is an ancient technology that imitates the wind blowing over and through the earth’s surfaces and plants. The flute teaches us to breathe better, listen more deeply, become more aware of our posture, notice subtle changes and movements in sound, while giving us access to calm and tender energy, as well as powerful and rhythmic energies. It can bring peace and well-being to ourselves and our friends, family and audiences.

Photo by Chiara Ambrosio

In March 2020, as the pandemic began shutting down much of the world, I began broadcasting daily ‘Reiki Flute’ improvisations from my home in London, free for anyone to listen to anywhere (many are archived, such as Sunyata and Reiki Flute Volumes I, II, III, IV and V). This was a spontaneous idea born from a feeling of wanting to do something to help people, as well as carve a space out in the day for myself to play and be present with myself and the world around me. I have practiced Reiki for as long as I have practiced flute. Reiki (like music) is something that everyone has access to; it is an act of empathic listening together; a chance for the body and mind to remember and know what it needs. It calls upon the body’s incredible ability to heal itself. I now consider my reiki ‘healing’ practice as a form of music and listening, which is why it blends so well with playing an instrument such as the flute.

In this introductory five-session healing flute course (with individual classes available too) I will guide you through the key knowledge I have gained over the past 30 years, including : better breathing, tone development, intonation and tuning, beautiful scales from a variety of traditions and cultures (including untempered scales from natural harmonics that can’t be played on a piano or fretted instrument), improvisation techniques, personal flute meditations, extended techniques (breath tones, harmonics, alternative fingerings / tunings, circular breathing, flute / voice combination), note-bending and approaches to creating and reading your own scores (graphic and / or notation). By the end of the course you will have created your own composition and will have the confidence to improvise freely and openly with your flute.

These classes are aimed at anyone with an interest in developing their flute playing, but they are not ideal for absolute beginners. If you would like absolute beginner lessons, feel free to contact me to discuss this. This five-session (online for now) course costs £200. If you would like to book lessons, or request free classes from the Healing Flute Foundation, please fill in this form. It is also possible to gift a course or simply donate to The Healing Flute Foundation here. Classes can be arranged to suit your schedule, and can be delivered in English or Italian.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Photo by Chiara Ambrosio
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