Mikey Kirkpatrick (Bird Radio)


Flautist, Singer, Composer, Performer
Director of Alchemy (Goldsmiths University)
Contact: mikeykirkpatrick@gmail.com

Soundcloud / Bandcamp / YouTube / Facebook / IG / Twitter

Lockdown Lighthouse Flute Sessions (weekdays at 9am UK time) [ARCHIVE]
Crookit Dreams Radio every Friday 10pm BST [ARCHIVE]

Music Releases 


Third Uncle (single, with Zero Times Everything)
Anemones Came To My Mind Today (vocals by Jeremy Reed)
RAFT Soundtrack (DEMOS)
Dust Drifted Road (with Nighthaunts) 
UNIFORM (single)
Beautiful Animals (single)
CROW (with Pig7)
One Shoe Mickey (with Bones And The Aft)
You’ve Been Kind (with Bones And The Aft)
The Boy and the Audience Acoustic Recordings
Oh, Happy England
The Boy and the Audience
2004 – 2011
The Stories of Rust (with JCH)
here there but somewhere (with JCH)
Nothing Escapes His Eye (with JCH)

No Daylight Could Penetrate The Darkness (A Requiem for Arthur Harding)
Shrines (a book of photographs)
Sunday Lighthouse Flute Sessions (Sunday broadcast archive)
Three-Quarters Water (vocals by Nawroz Oramari)
The Pillar (inspired by the photography of Stephen Gill)
Yo Reinare – Music from the paintings of Federico De Francesco
Portals (Hilma Af Klint)
When The Grass Was Green – Graphic Scores Volume #1
SPACE (flute loop improvisations)
Reiki Flute Volume V – Elements
Reiki Flute Volume IV – Tree
Reiki Flute Volume III – Water
Reiki Flute Volume II – Symbols
Reiki Flute Volume I – Chakras
The Blind Astronomer
New York City Conversations
Evoking The Winged Spirit

Music Videos / Films (Dir. Chiara Ambrosio)
Time to Go Trilogy
Who Killed Cock Robin?
New Crop Rotations (The Stories of Rust)
Back of Beyond

Live Footage
Crow and the Sea (live at the Horse Hospital)
Littleblood (live at the Horse Hospital)
Dawn Over The City (Horse Hospital Tapes)
The Pallbearer (live at The Lexington)
Crow Darker than Ever (live at the Lexington)
Sakura Sakura with ZW Taiko & Flute Duo
Yunus Band (Sufi Music) concert at London Turkish Institute
Improvisation with Ney Master Murat Ferhat

Film Scores
RAFT Soundtrack (DEMOS)
La Frequenza Fantasma
A Walk Through Wooda

Theatre Scores
The Snow Queen (Trinity Theatre, dir. Kezia Cole)
Interbeing (2Theatre) 2019
Sleepyhead (Little Angel Theatre, dir. Michael Fowkes)
Losing It (2Theatre)
Happy Harry’s Cafe (Birdsnest Theatre / Polka Theatre)

Crookit Radio – weekly playlist of wild and beautiful music
Daily flute improvisations broadcast via Wild Lakes Radio
RAFT A London Story Song Residency 2020
Interview with John & Arthur Bently & Carole Finer on Resonance FM
Oh, Happy England on Sound Out (Resonance FM) with Carole Finer

In 2017 Mikey founded Alchemy at Goldsmiths University, a professional music training and mentoring lab for 14-18 year olds in Lewisham, London.

AxG Mixtape #1 (collaboration with Goldsmiths CCA)
Lewisham Live Mixtape 2020
Lewisham Live Mixtape 2019
Article on Alchemy by John McKiernan
For more information, contact Mikey at m.kirkpatrick@gold.ac.uk.


 Crow would be thrilled, I think. Bird Radio has got the swagger, and the terrible romanticism, and the sweetness in the bleakness. It’s deeply felt and riveting. Lots of work about or inspired by Crow is scared to be beautiful. He has to be beautiful or the ugliness fails.’ Max Porter, author of Grief is the thing with Feathers 

‘folk-horror of the darkest hue, his voice soaring like Scott Walker. Bird Radio fulfils his early promise as a musical storyteller of rare power.’ Steve Hunt, fRoots

Mesmerising and mystical. Enchanting and awe inspiring. Those are but a few words that do little really to divulge the sheer wonder of this performer and the pleasure it was to be in his presence. The Student, Edinburgh Fringe 

‘Bird Radio shines out as a unique and eccentric creative force
reimagining sound and text in such playful and inventive ways.’ Sam Lee

‘Bird Radio (aka Mikey Kirkpatrick) has the energy of Bob Log III and Son of Dave, along with the sheer inventiveness of Thomas Truax.’  Bearded Magazine 

‘A mix of old testament preacher and Captain Beefheart.’  jazzman.com 

‘a flute-toting, bass drum-beating sensation’.  Rick Pearson, Evening Standard